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Bouncy Castle Hire by Jim's

Looking for a fun time at your next event, Jim’s Jumping Castles Adelaide can help to make your event a memorable one. We not only have a wide range of jumping castles but offer other hires to make your day a special one.

Sourcing a jumping castle for you next event can be an extremely frustrating experience. Many providers you call these days often are limited to the areas they deliver to. This is where calling Jim’s you are more likely to find a local provider that will be able to set up in your area.

As a bonus it will save you a lot of time as you will only need to make one phone call.

Just simply call us and our friendly Australian call centre staff will take your details and get you local party hire expert to call you.

Check out the availability today by calling us on 131 546 and our friendly staff will put you in touch with a local operator.

Jim’s Jumping Castles Adelaide, operates 7 days

These day’s we have terribly busy lives. We have all been in the situation where you remember in the evening that you have not organised something. It can be almost impossible to contact a provider after hours or on the weekend.

This is where people in the know love using Jim’s. They have the knowledge that they can contact us 7 days a week. It is even possible to contact us in the middle of the night using our online enquiry form, the local operator will then contact you after 8am the next morning.

Most people are pleasantly surprised at how quickly our local party hire businesses owners respond. As they are part of Jim’s, they are required to call all enquiries within 2 hours. Often, they will call within minutes of receiving your enquiry.

It is now easier than ever to organise a jumping castle at you next event by simply calling Jim’s Jumping Castles Adelaide.

Most popular jumping castle

While we have a wide selection of jumping castle and themes, the most popular one that everyone seems to want is our birthday castles. These castles are custom built for Jim’s and only available from one of our business owners.

This castle has a multitude of bright colours. On the inside it features a slide, and the outside has a couple of basketball rings.

On the front it has a colourful happy birthday sign. Underneath this sign it is possible to add the child’s name and age. Kids just love the fact that they can have their name on the jumping castle. It just creates an incredibly special memory.

Jumping Castle Hire by Jim's

Additional items you can hire

Having a jumping castle will thrill most kids and keep them amused for hours. If you genuinely want to make it a truly memorable experience for you child and guests, then you may want to look at hire some of our other items.

Some of the more popular addition hire items that you may want to consider include:

Fairy Floss Machines

Large Bluetooth Speakers

Popcorn Machines

Double Slushie Machines

Professional Coffee Makers

In fact, the list is endless as to what you can add to your next event to create a truly carnival type atmosphere.

When enquiring just talk to your local business owner as to what other items may be available for your event.

Call Jim’s Jumping Castle Adelaide today to organise a jumping castle at your next event or use the contact form here to get in touch.