Jim’s Jumping Castles & Party Hire – About Us

When most people think of a company that provides outstanding customer service, Jim’s usually comes to mind. They know that our local business owners pride themselves on delivering a great experience for their clients.

Jim is always looking at other industries that he does not currently provide services for. He typically looks at industries where the customer experiences are not great. He knows that by applying the systems he has developed since 1989, he will be able to improve the industry.

He was approached in 2020 by John Grant with a vision of starting Jim’s Jumping Castle & Party Hire. John had previously run an extremely successful jumping castle business since 1995, which he later sold in 2007.

John & Vanessa joined Jim’s Group in 2010 and have been remarkably successful in their businesses with Jim’s.

It has been John’s dream to start a jumping castle Division with the backing of Jim.

About Jim's Jumping Castle and Party Hire

Meeting led to a possible new Jim’s Division

In 2020 John phone Jim and floated the idea of the new Division. As with any Division Jim looks at starting, he quizzed John extensively about the business model and the industry.

John knew that the biggest thing that was missing in the industry was the lack of customer service. He knew that by applying Jim’s principles that it would end up giving the customer a better experience.

As they discussed things further Jim learnt about how difficult it can be to get a jumping castle business operator to answer the phone. Even worst was when people eventually got through, they often found out that the business does not travel to their area.

Jim and John then realised that there was a massive gap in customer service in the industry. They both new if the principles of Jim’s were applied then it would be a phenomenally successful business.

From this conversation, Jim’s Jumping Castle & Party Hire was born.

Hiring a bouncy castle should be easy

Organising a party or event can be extremely stressful. Making dozens of phone calls to try and find a jumping castle is exhausting.

At Jim’s we remove a lot of this stress by making it as simple as possible to contact your local provider. A simple phone call to our Australian call centre will have you quickly put in touch with your local business owner.

Our call centre operates 7 days a week between the hours of 8am to 8pm. Outside of these hours you can simply jump online and fill out and enquiry form.

We genuinely believe we have made it amazingly easy for you to contact us.

About Jim's Jumping Castle and Party hire

The excitement builds when the trailer arrives

You may have spotted one of our custom-built trailers. They have been purposely designed to look like a lot of fun.

Kids will often spot the trailer heading their way from miles away. They will be extremely excited when it pulls up in front of their home.

Other neighbourhood kids will be jealous of what you have arranged and when the castle goes up the fun will begin.

If you have a party or function coming up and want to ensure a fun time is had by all, call Jim’s Jumping Castle today on 131 546, or use the contact form here to get in touch.