COVID-19 Jumping Castle Hygiene Policy

We at Jim’s Jumping Castle & Party Hire are concerned about our client’s welfare. Therefore, we have taken extra precautions on every jumping castle hire.

To find out more, call your local Jim’s business owner on 131 546.

COVID-19 Policy

In 2020 the world change when Coronavirus broke out all over the world. It has made many of us reconsider our businesses and how we do things.

For example, going to large crowded play cafes are even more stressful now we have coronavirus. Smaller private gatherings are becoming the norm.

When selecting a bouncing castle provider, it is important to ask what hygiene measures they have in place.

Making your party experience COVID-19 safe

Making COVID safe environments is an important part of our daily lives. We at Jim’s understand this and that is why we have a strict cleaning process with every jumping castle hire.

When our staff member arrives on-site, they will go about setting up the jumping castle. They will then inflate the castle. While this is occurring, we ask for the participates to remain off the castle.

We then hygienically clean the castle before operation. This is done by spraying or misting the jumping castle with an antibacterial product. Once the surfaces are dry then it is ready for use.

To be extra safe, after using the castle is cleaned and again treated with the antibacterial product.

Our policy makes Jim’s Jumping Castles one of the safest castles to use.

Covid-19 Policy
Jim's Party Cup

Free drinking cups

There is nothing worse than trying to keep track of who drank out of which cup. It is an almost impossible task.

To make it easier for you to keep track of everyone, Jim’s Jumping Castle and Party Hire provide disposable drinking cups. Each jumping castle hire will come with 20 free branded cups. These biodegradable cups can be written on with a texter or pen.

Simply write the person’s name in the space provided. E.g., Jumping Phoenix

This makes it easier to keep track of everybody’s drinking cups.

At the end of the even, you can simply throw the used cups into a green waste bin as the cups we use are biodegradable and compostable.

Cups for lolly bags, coffee, slushies and fairy floss

When hiring slushy, fairy floss, popcorn, and coffee machines, we can provide all the cups your need. As we buy in bulk the costs of providing these quality cups is quite inexpensive.

As with all the cups we provide, they are biodegradable and able to be written on. This again ensures that no one will get upset that someone has stolen their goodies.

If you intend to provide your guest with a lolly bag, we suggest you purchase some extra cups. This is better than providing your guests with a plastic bag which can cause some long-term environmental issues.

By using one of our branded cups, once the lollies are consumed the cup can be thrown into the green waste bin or composted.

It means that even when you are holding a party or function, you are being environmentally friendly.

Slushie Machine Hire

If you would like a fun COVID safe jumping castle at your next party or function, then call us today on 131 546 or use the inquiry Free Quote to get in touch.