Rent a Castle Questions and Answers

On this page are some common questions from customers, along with our answers. You may have  more questions about your jumping castle or party hire, so we welcome your call on 131 546 and we will happily answer them too.

You can hire a jumping castle for any time of the day or night. We do require daylight to be able to set the castle up safely.

It is a great idea to trying and hire the bouncing castle in the morning as this is when weather conditions are the most suitable.

Our standard jumping hours hire are the below:

  • Morning sessions from 9am to 1pm
  • Afternoon sessions from 2pm to 6pm

Booking in your castle during these times will be the most cost-effective for you. However, you can book outside of these standard hours and even overnight.

Just discuss with your local Jim’s provider what times you would like your hire to take place.

It is possible to have an overnight hire. There are some conditions that must be complied with and they are listed below.

  1. The yard in which it is placed must be secured. (e.g. fenced)
  2. There cannot be any loose animals in the yard overnight
  3. The unit must be switched off once everyone has finished playing
  4. Customers must make sure there is sufficient light for safe bouncing
  5. There will be generally a $200 bond to ensure the castle is as clean as when it was setup

Overnight hire is a little more expensive than a daytime hire due to the fact that the castle must be inflated and dried out the next day. Often dew will settle on the castle overnight.

Yes, deposits are taken on the confirmation of the booking. Typically, this is $100 and can be made via a bank transfer or credit card payment over the phone.

In some instances like an overnight hire or a water castle hire a bond may be taken as well. This bond can range from $100 to $200 depending on what is hired. Bonds can also be applied to other equipment hired from Jim’s.

Talk to your local business owner at the time of enquiry as to whether any bonds or deposits are required.

We understand that sometimes life with throw you some unexpected hurdles and you will need to cancel a booking.

It is unfortunate when this occurs. If it is more than two weeks out from the booking the deposit will be refunded in full. If it is within two weeks of the booking then the deposit may not be refunded.

Please let your local business owner know as soon as possible when this occurs.

If for any reason you need to alter your original booking, please contact your local operator as soon as possible. They will do their best to accommodate any alterations to the original booking.

There may be costs involved in altering a booking, and your local Jim’s will let you know what these costs will be if any.

If we are unable to set up the inflatable due to the following, the full amount of the hire can be charged.

  • not having the required access or space
  • selected area being unsuitable due to its surface type (which has not been advised)
  • area having a slope which would make set up unsafe
  • not having the required amount of space to set up with appropriate clearance
  • not having the ability to tie the castle down to the ground by pegs or weights
  • for ANY other reason which is out of our control

All our site requirements are mentioned specifically on the confirmation email and on our website for each item. The last thing we want to happen is for the booking to not go ahead.

Please understand that it cost us time loading up, driving to the job. It results in us not being able to hire the castle out and that is why we will have to charge the full amount for the hire.

It is very upsetting when this occurs so please be accurate when measuring and size the area up for your jumping castle.

If you are unsure our local operators will only be too happy to come to the site and measure up.

We typically do not stay during your party or function. You as the organiser are the supervisor for the day. Our local operator will give you safety information prior to and on the day of the hire.

If you do require someone to supervisor, we are only too happy to accommodate your request. Obviously, there will be an hourly cost involved to provide one or more staff for your event.

Please let your local Jim’s Bouncing Castle operator know that you require staff when making your booking.

It will depend on which jumping castle you select as to how much space you will require. Our small basic castles will require an area the size of 5 square meters to be set up. If you have selected one of our larger castles you may need up to 7 by 10 meters.

As a general rule, there must be a 1-meter clear access all the way around the castle.

Our local operators will need easy access to the area. Having 1.5-meter access down the side of homes is important to allow access. You will need to advise us of any stairs or hard to access back yards.

If you have selected one of our larger castles, we do require to have vehicle access within 10 meters from where it is to be set up. As these castles are quite heavy we need to be as close as possible.

If access is not within 10 meters, a large castle can still be hired. They will however require a site visit by the local operator to work out how to get the castle in place. There may be additional charges when this occurs.

Our castles take a few minutes to inflate. The laying out and setting up of the castle is what takes the most amount of time. Typically it will take between 20 to 40 minutes to set up. It may take slightly longer to pack up as all of the air needs to be squashed out of the castle.

Obviously, these times will be depended on the accessibility of the site.

Jumping Castles can be set up on any reasonably flat surface. In the case of concrete or pavers, the castles will need to be weighted down as pegs cannot be used.

Generally, when this occurs there may be an additional cost in relation to this. Please talk to your local operator about this when getting your free quote.

To book one of the newest and most exciting jumping castles simply call 131 546. Our friendly call centre staff will take your details and get your local business owner to contact you. Our Australian call centre operates 7 days a week and is open on most public holidays.

If you enquire outside of these hours, then simply fill out our online enquiry form.

On the day of the function, your local provider will arrive typically 1 hour before the start time of your event. Someone of course will need to be home to allow them access and show them to the area where it is to be set up and where the power supply is.

They will then return after, at a pre-arranged time to collect the equipment. If your guests are still having fun on the castle, please contact your provider and ask if you can extend the hire time. If they have no other bookings for the castle it may be possible to extend the booking.

If you do not have the room in your yard for a jumping castle it may be possible to set up at your local community centre, church, school, or public park. Even a friend’s house that has a large backyard may be an option.

Our bouncing castles can even be set up indoors providing the ceiling is high enough.

Jim’s Jumping Castles are one of the safest in the industry.

Our castles end up being cleaned twice before every hire. When our local operator arrives on site they will set up and inflate the castle. They will then inspect and clean the castle with an antibacterial product and make it ready for use.

When the hire is finished, they will again arrive on-site to inspect and clean the castle again. This means that our castles are actually cleaned twice before every hire.

Our castles are regularly inspected by the Regional Manager and any faulty or worn castles are replaced.

Yes, it is fundamental that a responsible person over 18 years of age (a parent) supervises the jumping castle at all times whilst it is hired. We will provide training in the safe operation and supervision of the jumping castle or hire equipment on the day of hire.

For hires in a public place or for corporate/commercial uses, we will have to supply a trained supervisor.

If setting up in a public space or park, permission will need to be obtained from the local government authority. They may have some special conditions imposed, and we will need to be notified of those conditions in order to comply.

Both the approval and the conditions must be provided in writing to your local operator.

The local government authority may choose to charge you a small fee for the use of their park or facility. In some cases, they may even need to escort our jumping castle vehicle into the park.

We suggest contacting them as soon as possible to find out what is involved in using your local park.

All of our operators are local business owners. As they trade under the Jim’s Group banner they must carry the necessary insurance to protect themselves and clients. This is checked regularly and if a policy is changed or terminated then Jim’s is notified immediately.

Feel free to ask for a copy of the certificate of currency from your local operator.

In terms of the castle being set up safely and fit for operation we are.

In terms of how the kids or adults use the castle, it is up to the hirer who has been instructed by us on the safe use of the castle. Just like it is the driver of a rental cars responsibility to drive it carefully.

Jumping Castle hire can be affected by predicted bad weather conditions. In these cases when severe weather is forecasted the booking can be cancelled by either the local provider or yourself. It is purely for safety reasons that this will occur and a full refund is offered in most instances.

Your local Jim’s Jumping Castle provider will look at the weather the day before and advise if the booking will need to be cancelled/altered.

In instances where we have advised of the forecast and the customer wishes to proceed, and the equipment does not end up being utilized during hire there is no refund.

In cases of heavy rain or high winds, we reserve the right to cancel the bouncing castle hire. Our castles are fitted with roofs to keep the sun off and will withstand light rain.

If winds are over 40km an hour we must cancel the booking regardless of the weather. Obviously, we never want this to be the case and can generally work around the weather.

Keep in mind that typically the wind will be strongest in the afternoons, so morning bookings can often proceed before the wind picks up.

If the booking is cancelled due to wind or weather, you have the option to reschedule your booking. Our operators will do our best to accommodate your new date and time.

A 240volt (normal domestic type) power point should be within 25m of the jumping castle and at most 50m. This power point should be on its own circuit, not with any other high amp drawing electrical devices.

If this is not possible the hire will require a petrol blower or generator and there will be an additional cost.

Only power cords provided by Jim’s Jumping Castle & Party Hire may be used. They are checked and tested and tagged regularly for safety. If a cord becomes frayed or damaged during the hire, you must stop using it immediately and contact your local provider.

All bookings are subject to terms and conditions. Your local provider will provide you with a copy of these when you are making a booking. Please read through these thoroughly and send back a signed copy to your local operator.

Only once the operator has received this along with a deposit will the times and dates be locked in.

To make your next party the talk of the town, call Jim’s on 131546, or use the contact form here to get in touch.