Jumping Castle Sizes

Jim’s Jumping Castles & Party Hire have a wide range of jumping castle sizes. If you are holding a party or event, it is extremely important to get the right size.

To work out what size will be needed for your next event, simply call 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.

Jumping Castle Sizes

If you have ever been clothes shopping you will know just how important it is to get the right size. Well hiring a jumping castle is exactly the same. There will be lots of upset party goers if you hire a small jumping castle or mini jumping castle for a teenage party. These castles will simply not have enough room for everyone to bounce safely.

Similarly, if a large or adult jumping castle is provided to a toddler’s party, the little guests maybe too afraid to use it. In addition, some of the features will be wasted as they will not be big enough to use them.

To get the right size, let your local business owner know the age group of your guests.

Two main groups of jumping castle sizes

There is an extensive range of sizes when hiring a bouncy castle. Most castles will fit into two distinct groups, that being adult jumping castles and kids jumping castles.

An additional group does exist, which is the mega castles. These are more typically like an obstacle courses and are mainly used on large community events.

Kids jumping castles

Kids bouncing castles are intended for first-time jumpers. They are typically a small basic bouncer with minimal features.

They are a great way to introduce kids to their first bouncy experience. It may take them a while to get used to the uneven, soft surface, but with a little encouragement, they will soon get the hang of it.

By the end of the first hire, it will be hard to get them off it. You can then plan your next event with a large castle with more features.

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Adult jumping castles

Adults do not like to admit it, but we all enjoy having a bounce on a castle. You can just look at the expressions on the adult’s faces that tell you that they want to get in on the fun. Often it brings the memories flooding back of our days of youth when we were having fun with our friends.

It is now becoming more fashionable for teen ages and young adults to have a jumping castle at their parties. Jim’s caters for this by having larger castles available with more headspace to allow for adult jumpers.

Our netting on the side of the castle is strong ensuring the safety of all of the bouncers inside.

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More features on larger castles

Just bouncing around in a castle is often not enough entertainment for most. This is why our larger castles come with other features to entertain everyone.

Most of our larger bouncers come with slides and basketball rings. In some cases, it may even be possible to hire soft oversize boxing gloves or fighting logs.

Just ask your local provider as to what other features maybe available for your hire.

You need to call Jim’s Jumping Castles on 131 546 to work out what castle will be suitable for your next show or use the contact form here to get in touch.