Jumping Castle Hire Prices

Jumping castle hire prices will depend on what size castle you book. To get an idea of what it will cost please call Jim’s on 131 546 and our friendly staff will put you in touch with a local business owner.

Jumping Castle Hire Prices

There is a wide selection of inflatable castles to choose from with Jim’s. Our castles come in a wide range of sizes as well and to work out the right castle for your event you will need to answer some important questions.

Our local business owners will need to know the size of the area it is to be set up in. These measurements need to be in meters and you will need to let them know of any obstacles. Even the surface the bouncer is sitting on needs to be taken into consideration.

For instance, if the area is paved, then a protective carpet or synthetic grass will need to be put under the castle. Heavyweights will need to be deployed to tether the castle down.

There are a lot more things you must consider as well and to find out what maybe required call our Australian call centre on 131 546.

Jumping castle hire prices to suit every budget

At Jim’s we understand that sometimes budgets can be tight. For this reason, we have a wide selection of castles to choose from.

They start with our basic bouncer which is just a bouncing floor with no other features. It is a colourful inflatable with no graphics. Of course, it has all the safety features on it to keep all participants safe.

It is one of our most affordable options and prices can be as little as $200 for a 3-4 hour hire.

The next size up comes with more features. It again has the bouncy floor but has the addition of a slide. There are even some castles that come with basketball rings at the front.

Obviously the larger the castle the more you can expect to pay.

It always pays to check with your local operator as they maybe running mid-week specials which can save you money as well.

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Customizing your castle

Once you have selected the right size castle you may want to then look at customizing the inflatable for your event. This is typically done by adding banners to it.

A popular one is the “Happy Birthday” banner which also allows you to have the child’s name spelled out with Velcro letters.

Another popular option is to have a themed banner attached to the bouncer. We have an almost endless selection to choose from. To find out what is available for your chosen date please talk to your local operator.

We even have the option of adding a Velcro dartboard to the side of the castle to expand the fun.

To get an idea of how much rent a bouncy castle price will be please give us a call 7 days a week on 131 546.

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Call Jim’s Jumping Castles & Party hire for your next event on 131546 or use the contact form here to get in touch