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Have you ever dreamed of starting your very own Jumping Castle business but do not know where to start? Jim’s can assist with making your dreams become a reality.

Call us today on 131546 and talk to your local Jim’s franchisor about this great opportunity in the jumping castle and party hire industry.

When looking for a financially rewarding business opportunity Adelaide – buy a franchise. Jim’s is the leading franchising group in Australia and currently has over 4,000 successful locally owned businesses

The Jim’s group has been operating since 1989 and in this time they have developed proven systems that allow you to quickly establish your business.

It can be overwhelming to start a business as most people will not know where to start. There is a massive list of things that you must organised and most people have not thought about what they need.

Jim’s Business Opportunity Adelaide – Buy A Franchise in Jumping Castles

One of the newest opportunities in Jim’s Group is to purchase a Jim’s Jumping Castle & Party Hire franchise. This is one of the few franchises within the group that you can do part-time. You are able to keep your current Monday to Friday job while you are building your business.

It is an extremely quick business to get up and running as the training for this business will only take a week.

So, it would be possible to be up and running in your very own business within a short matter of time.

For example, have you thought about these basic elements to starting a business?

  1. Website design & hosting?
  2. How will clients contact you?
  3. When it comes to payment how will you get paid?
  4. If you go on holiday how will your business survive?
  5. Do you have a mentor that can help you in your business?
  6. What accounting package are you going to use?
  7. When it comes to marketing strategies, what works?
  8. Can you get insurance?
  9. Who can you call if something goes wrong?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself when starting a new business.

For a Jim’s Jumping Castle & Party Hire franchisee all of these questions can be the answer and most of the work has already been completed.

To start your own Jim’s Jumping Castle business today call us on 131 546.

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Thousands of successful businesses

Jim’s have developed their business systems since 1989. In this time they have had success and failures in business. While failures are not great, they do give Jim’s the opportunity to work out why the business failed.

It has allowed him to develop his systems and procedures that well, that it is now a rarity that a business will fail.

One of the biggest reasons why our franchisees don’t fail is that they have a mentor (franchisor) who is invested in making them a success. This mentor is very experienced in Jim’s and has assisted many people to start their own business.

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Turn off and on for work!

The best part of owning a Jim’s Jumping Castle business is that you can control your workflow. You have the opportunity to set the hours that you wish to receive leads. It is even possible for you to set the areas at which you want to take the leads.

Jim’s system is extremely flexible as you will be able to turn on and off for work as you need it. When you are busy this will be a huge advantage as you simply need to turn off and another franchisee will take any inquiries that come in.

24-hour support

 The biggest advantage of being a Jim’s is that you have 24-hour support. This support will come from your director mentor being your franchisor.

He or she will give you ideas on how you can make your business more successful. They will discuss with you what is working well for other franchisees that you can apply to your business.

Your mentor will be responsible for the group advertising and ensuring the websites are maintained. They will encourage you to do Local Area Marketing (LAM) and let you know what will work in this area.

They are committed to make your business a success and know that Jim is watching to ensure his franchisees are successful.

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If you have ever wanted and extra income to support your family, then a Jim’s Jumping Castle & Party Hire Franchise may be just what you have been looking for. So, what are you waiting for, call 131 546 today or fill out an online inquiry form?

To find out more about starting your own business today, please call Jim’s on 131546 and we will put you in touch with your local franchisor.